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ABOUT was first published on May 1, 2023. It is the first of four websites under development through the National Association of Mental Health Providers (NAMHP, Inc.).

The purpose of this website is to organize job listings for mental health professionals to increase their accessibility. As this website is developed, there will be numerous employment links added from various job search platforms.

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On, you may search mental health job titles by city - just click on any of the links on this page: Search by City

You may also search mental health job listings within the state(s) of your choice by accessing any of the links on this page: Search by State

Searching by job title is also possible by clicking on any of the links below. Please follow the instructions on each page to narrow your search by city, county, or state. 

Behavioral Health Jobs

Family Therapist Jobs

Marriage Counselor Jobs

Mental Health Counselor Jobs

Psychiatrist Jobs

Psychologist Jobs

Psychotherapist Jobs

Social Worker Jobs

Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs


If you would prefer to manage both the job title/keyword and location fields yourself, then please use this blank search box. (The location field allows searches by city, county, and/or state.)

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